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Celery, is a widely used vegetable in various recipes of soups and salads and can also be used as a home remedy to lose weight and to treat blood disorders. Every 100 grams has only 21 calories and this vegetable is an excellent natural diuretic.

Celery has several health benefits due to its diuretic, expectorant, laxative, tonic and is rich in flavonoids, vitamins and minerals strengthen immune defenses and metabolism. Because it is diuretic, celery eliminates toxins accumulated in the body, fights swelling and helps to lose weight. Celery is rich in water, potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B and C.

In addition to celery, this vegetable is also known as celery, uneducated celery, swamp celery, celeriac, celery and parsley.

Nutritional Declaration 

Calories (energy value), 22.80 kcal, 1.14% 

Liquid carbohydrates, 0.00 g, - 

Carbohydrates, 5.16 g, 1.72% 

Proteins, 0.96 g, 0.32% 

Total fats, 0.12 g, 0.22% 

Sodium, 12.00 mg, 0.50% 






Conditions of Conservation and/or Use 

Store in a refrigerated place 





Credit: TuaSaúde


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