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Strawberries are part of the red fruit family, known for their sweet and fresh taste, their antioxidant richness and their low energy value.

Red in color, small in size and oval in shape, strawberries are widely used in their natural form or in the preparation of jams, smoothies and various desserts.

Strawberries are rich in water (91%) and have a low energy value, almost exclusively from carbohydrates.

In terms of micronutrients, strawberries are a relevant source of vitamin C and folates, potassium and manganese. In smaller amounts, they also provide iron, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin E.

Health Benefits of Strawberries:


From a nutritional point of view, the main health benefit of strawberries is related to their antioxidant content, which, when placed in the context of healthy eating and lifestyles, promotes the neutralization of free radicals and can play a preventive role. in some pathologies, namely cancer and degenerative diseases.

Among these compounds, anthocyanins, elegitanins and procyanidins stand out, and their content is proportional to their state of maturation and the intensity of their color.

In addition to these compounds, the presence of vitamin C and vitamin E enhance the antioxidant activity of strawberry.

Indicated for weight loss


Not only for their low energy value, but also due to their fiber content, strawberries are one of the most interesting foods for those who want to lose weight.


In fact, fiber plays a crucial role in regulating intestinal transit and appetite.

In the case of intestinal transit, fiber promotes the health of intestinal cells, helping in the formation of feces. In addition, it also promotes the regularity of bowel movements, making it more regular.

On the other hand, fiber induces satiety, reducing the volume of food consumed in different meals, thus enhancing weight loss processes.

In this context, you can include strawberries in your snacks/intermediate meals, as a complement to main meals or just as an ingredient in a healthier recipe.

Blood glucose regulation

Not only due to the presence of fiber in its composition, but also due to the phenolic compounds, strawberries promote the maintenance of glycemic stability, prolonging the absorption time of blood glucose.

Indeed, according to some studies, the antioxidants in strawberries seem to help prevent sudden fluctuations in blood glucose and, when included in a balanced diet, can help to prevent pathological conditions such as type 2 diabetes. However, it should be noted that these studies used small samples, so larger studies are needed for the evidence to be more consistent.

Improved cardiovascular health

Due to their potassium, fiber and antioxidant content, strawberries help to improve cardiovascular health and prevent atherosclerosis, strokes and myocardial infarctions.


In fact, in addition to the anti-inflammatory activity derived from antioxidant compounds, the potassium provided by strawberries helps control and normalize blood pressure (counterbalancing intake and sodium levels), preventing high blood pressure.


However, in this case too, it should be noted that this protective effect only acquires relevance in the context of a healthy lifestyle, with regular physical exercise, good sleep quality, balanced diet, absence of smoking and alcohol consumption , among other important factors for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Care to be taken with the consumption and choice of strawberries 


Like other red fruits, strawberries deteriorate quickly and should be consumed as soon as possible after purchase.


When choosing, choose ripe fruits, bright in color and without signs of deterioration. Until consumption, you should keep these fruits in the fridge, in order to prolong their shelf life.


At the time of consumption, sanitize previously using water with lemon drops or vinegar.


It is also recommended that they be consumed within their seasonal season, in order to maintain all the nutritional benefits mentioned above.

Allergy to strawberries

Although they are safe foods and generally well tolerated, strawberry allergy is a relatively common condition, particularly in children.

In severe cases, it can cause respiratory problems and exuberant skin reactions, so you should be alert to this situation the first times this fruit is eaten by the youngest.




Nutrition Statement

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Conditions of Conservation and/or Use 

Keep in a cool, dry place




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