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Basket with Ana's Recipes

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By Ana Isabel Monteiro

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Nutritionist Ana Isabel Monteiro together with Horta da Maria developed this delicious basket of products, full of fresh and unique flavors.

Ana contributed with the recipes and at Horta da Maria we had the pleasure of carefully preparing product by product, so that you can enjoy even more creativity and flavor these wonderful baskets of fruit, vegetables and groceries.

The idea of this union is fundamentally to contribute to improving the quality of everyone's food, in a simple and fun way with fresh and up-to-date proposals that do us so well!

This basket consists of 14 product varieties and the following recipes:

  • Mushroom and lime risotto with roasted pumpkin
  • Carrot falafels
  • Wasteless orange pancakes
  • Banana and cauliflower cake

Let's hope you enjoy these tasty recipes and the exceptional products that Horta da Maria proposes in this basket.

These products are not included in the basket, you can in any event already have them at home or can be purchased on our website: Sodium Bicarbonate, Nutritional Yeast, Pink Salt from the Himalayas, Spelled Flour, Cumin, Coconut Oil, Buckwheat, Corn Starch, Ground Cinnamon, Oatmeal and Vegetable Drink.

Horta da Maria's mission is to help Portuguese families improve the quality of the food they consume, always supported by the philosophy of bringing consumers the best national products, directly from the producers.

The best fruits, vegetables, groceries and hampers at home only with Horta da Maria!

Some or some of the products proposed and that make up this basket may be out of stock, in case any of the products is not available, the Horta da Maria team will replace it with another product that is similar or of equal interest and value.


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