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With a colorful, beautiful and delicate appearance, physalis is a fruit with some benefits for the body.


With just 53 calories per 100 grams, physalis helps to improve various aspects of the body.

Rich in phosphorus, iron, carotenoids and flavonoids, the benefits of this exotic fruit range from strengthening the immune system to assisting in the weight loss process.

Here you can find some, as well as recipes to include physalis in your eating routine.


Due to its nutritional composition, physalis brings several benefits to the body, of which some examples are:

Strengthens the immune system due to the amount of bioflavonoids;

It helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels;

Rich in antioxidants, it prevents the formation of free radicals in the body and, in turn, helps to prevent diseases and fight premature aging;

Helps to regulate intestinal transit;


Contributes to the feeling of satiety due to the presence of fibers in its composition;

It helps in the weight loss process by speeding up metabolism and reducing stress and fatigue, due to the presence of B vitamins;


It reduces the risk of anemia as it is a good source of iron;

Helps in muscle recovery and rebuilding due to the presence of protein;

It has therapeutic capabilities due to the presence of physaline, a substance that acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Nutritional Information of physalis per 100gr:


Carbohydrates: 11,2g

Protein: 1,9g


Lipids: 0,7g




Nutrition Statement 

Confirm the information on the article label. Due to possible changes in packaging and/or labels, you should always consider the information that accompanies the product you receive. 


Conditions of Conservation and/or Use

Keep in a cool, dry place





Credits: Vida Ativa

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