Welcome to Horta da Maria!

Horta da Maria is an innovative project that helps to promote, market and deliver the best and freshest products directly from the producer at home.

The product proposals are as diversified as possible, including all types of fruits and vegetables such as: vegetables, vegetables, legumes, seasonal fruits, exotic fruits, baskets and the most diverse supermarkets, all mainly of national production or selected imports.

The focus of Horta da Maria's work is to collaborate with producers of integrated farms, small farms, organic agriculture, thus avoiding the mass altered products that intensive agriculture produces.

Frutas e Vegetais ao Domicilio com a Horta da Maria

Every week the producers who collaborate with Horta da Maria define the quantities and products that they will be able to sell that week, thus guaranteeing the freshness of all products and the certainty of the quantities that will be able to be sold, so that each consumer can purchase guaranteed the best seasonal products.

Our mission is to bring high quality fresh products to consumers directly from the producer or highly selected import products.


The starting points for this project were:

1 - Encourage fairer trade, avoiding the devaluation of National products of superior quality.

2 - Develop an innovative social economy system, supporting livelihoods and fighting waste.

3 - Helping families to have the best National products in their food and enjoy the comfort and security of being delivered at home.

4 - Support small and medium national producers, who do not sell their products to large distribution chains, to sell their products for an economically fairer value.


Due to the growing volume of orders, we are expanding our product showcase on a daily basis, so that we can increasingly satisfy and exceed our customers' expectations.

How our home deliveries work:

We carry out home deliveries in areas between the districts of Leiria, Santarém (West), Lisbon and Setúbal (North).

On Wednesdays (between 10am and 9pm), it is necessary to place the order by 12pm on Tuesday, in our online store or with our personal assistant through our WhatsApp line Horta da Maria WhatsApp.

Sábados (das 10h até às 15h), sendo necessário realizar a encomenda até às 12h de Sexta feira, na nossa loja online ou com o nosso assistente pessoal através da nossa linha de WhatsApp Horta da Maria WhatsApp.

To make your personalized purchase, simply access and add to the cart the products you want in the quantities you want, there are also pre-selected fruit and vegetable baskets available, so that the purchase is even faster and simpler.

You can also count on our personal assistant to make your purchase, just contact us through our WhatsApp line Horta da Maria WhatsApp.

After confirmation of purchase, you will receive an email with more detailed information about your order and delivery forecast.




Freshness and provenance guarantee - At Horta da Maria, a number of properly selected producers were brought together, in order to be able to bring the best and freshest recently-harvested products to the table of our customers, contrary to the mass consumption products, which are normally subject to development processes and extremely aggressive conservation, drastically reducing their quality.

Proximity to the best products - Because not everyone can have their own garden at home or rely on a friend's or family's garden, Horta da Maria has developed this tool that brings producers closer to consumers and that makes perfect sense these days.

Coverage - Due to the growing volume of orders, we are expanding our shop window daily, so that we can increasingly satisfy the needs and desires of our customers.

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The comfort and security of a 100% personalized purchase and delivery, with quality food products and mostly of national origin and others from selected imports.

Quality assurance of horticultural products that come from small and medium production, integrated agriculture, organic agriculture, or products from artisanal transformation processes, thus avoiding the intensive productions that are normally subject to various chemical processes of growth and conservation.

In the case of Biological products, these are duly identified with the label that differentiates them and with the license number of the producer entity.

Knowing that you can count on top quality products in your meals.

In case any product does not arrive in the best condition, if something is missing from the order, just send a photo of the packaging of the order and/or the product that did not arrive in the best condition, so that we can compensate in the next order or return the difference in the amount charged.Sustentabilidade-HortadaMaria.png


For fairer trade, where producers receive a more assertive value for their products, counteracting the pressure that large retailers and distributors exert in order to suppress the prices and quality at which they purchase the same products.

Consumers who in this way can access more fresh products, thus improving the quality of their daily food.

The internal circulation of capital, primarily promoting products and producers of national origin, supporting the philosophy that if we all help, we can grow much more!

We avoid working with plastics and derivatives as much as possible, and our priority is always focused on paper and cardboard, and sometimes we also deliver orders or baskets in wooden boxes..

If everyone does their part, we will all be able to change for the better!