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1. What is the origin of the products?

Horta da Maria's fruits and vegetables come from the best national producers of integrated farms, small farms, organic farming and selected imports, thus avoiding the products changed to pasta, which intensive farms produce, in this way we help to boost agriculture sustainable and certified organic crops, while helping families in Portugal to improve the quality of the vegetables they consume.

2. Do the fruits and vegetables in the images match those delivered?

All images shown are merely illustrative of the products and baskets we sell.

3. Do you have a physical store?

Horta da Maria only sells online, which allows you to reduce costs and add even more quality to the service, ensuring the quality and freshness of fruit and vegetables in your home or office without having to travel.

4. How do I know the products are quality?

Semanalmente os produtores que colaboram com a Horta da Maria, definem as quantidades e produtos que vão poder comercializar nessa semana, assim garantimos a frescura de todos os produtos e a certeza das quantidades que se vão poder comercializar, de forma a que cada consumidor possa adquirir garantidamente os melhores produtos de época.

Our mission is to bring high quality fresh products to consumers directly from the producer.

5. Why are some products more expensive than other competing platforms?

Because at Horta da Maria we guarantee the quality of horticultural products that come from small and medium-sized productions, integrated agriculture, biological agriculture, or products from artisanal transformation processes, thus avoiding intensive productions that are normally subject to different processes. growth and conservation chemicals.

Knowing that you can count on top quality products and freshly picked in your meals.

Because if any product does not arrive in the best condition, if something is missing from the order, just send a photo of the order's packaging and/or the product that did not arrive in the best condition, so that we can make up for it in the next order or make the return the difference in the amount charged.

For the comfort and security of a 100% personalized purchase and delivery, with quality food products and mostly of national origin, with home delivery.

For fairer trade, where producers receive a more assertive value for their products, counteracting the pressure that large retailers and distributors exert in order to suppress the prices at which they purchase the same products.

Online Orders

1. How do I place an order?

Orders are placed online through the website, available 24 hours a day. You can also count on our personal assistant service through WhatsApp, which can help you in the purchase process or clarify any doubts you may have..  

2. What are the payment methods?

Payments are made online through Visa/Mastercard, Paypal, ATM, Bank Transfer, MBWay and Direct Debit


1. A entrega é gratuita?

Yes, in the indicated cases of hampers for deliveries in the regions of Leiria, Lisbon, Cascais and Margem Sul do Tejo. For other purchase options and delivery zones see our pages Delivery charges.

2. Is there a loyalty?

There is no loyalty associated with the service. However, in the option of monthly subscription bundles there is a possible payment by direct debit monthly so that you can receive a bundle per week at the desired address.

3. Can product prices fluctuate?

Yes, fruits and vegetables are natural products whose price can vary according to the season. We also carry out specific promotions for products that can make them cheaper than usual during a certain period of time.

4. When is delivery made?

For orders placed with payment confirmed by 23:59 on Monday, delivery is made on Wednesday. For orders placed until 23:59 on Thursday, delivery is made on Saturday, for other areas delivery is made within 48 hours after payment confirmation, between Tuesday and Friday.

5. In which areas are deliveries made?

Horta da Maria distributes the baskets in the Lisbon, Leiria and Margem Sul area, for more information see the page Delivery charges.

6. What happens if no one is present at the time of delivery?

The customer must indicate the best time interval for delivery in the online store notes. In the event that it is not available at that time, there is the possibility of leaving the basket of products with a neighbor, or at another agreed point. In all ways, as a rule, we always contact you beforehand, to confirm that the person is available to receive the order.

After sales service


1. What happens if there are items missing from the order or not in the best condition?

In case any product does not arrive in the best condition, if something is missing from the order, just send a photo of the packaging of the order and/or the product that did not arrive in the best condition, so that we can compensate in the next order or return the difference in the amount charged.

2. Do you collect the packages on the next delivery?

The packaging used is 100% recyclable, can be deposited at an Ecopoint, or delivered to the distributor on the next visit.

Any other questions, please contact customer support: