Welcome to the new SignatureMix concept!

The Horta da Maria team's mission is to help Portuguese families improve the quality of the food they consume, always supported by the philosophy of bringing consumers the best national products, directly from the producers.

Horta da Maria launched the challenge to a group of Nutritionists, to develop some recipes that, together with a selection of products, can be part of these new exclusive baskets, limited to 30 units and fully customized around the proposed recipes.food-dish-receitas-HortadaMaria.png

In each SignatureMix, you can count on several recipe proposals that will be based on the products that make up the basket, these recipes include breakfast, juices, soups, salads, main courses and desserts.

In this way, we help to unleash the creativity of those who better than anyone know how to eat, offering our dear customers the possibility of purchasing pre-selected baskets, with recipes that will help them enjoy even more of these fresh and delicious products.

We are going to introduce the people who, together with Horta da Maria, are giving life to this new initiative:


Adriana Marques - Horta da Maria


Adriana Marques is a licensed nutritionist since 2015 by the School of Health Technology of Coimbra.

She mostly develops her work in the context of sports and clinical nutrition, working in some gyms and clinics at Hospital da Luz.

She is truly passionate about life, the world and everything that contemplates it.

Adept at healthy, sustainable and plant-based food, her mission is to inspire other people and help them to have a balanced vegetarian diet without compromising their health or personal values.

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Ana Isabel Monteiro - Horta da Maria

Ana Isabel Monteiro, graduated in Nutrition Sciences from the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University of Porto.

She works at the City Council of V.N. de Famalicão and has his personal project known as: Orange-lime | Nutrition and well being.

She has been a vegetarian for about two years and is in love with a healthy life, where treats (aka chocolate) cannot be lacking!

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Nutritionist with roots in Trás-os-Montes, who values the meal time a lot.

Its mission is to help you get healthy from the dish, naturally, without complications and full of flavor. After all, it is at the table that good eating habits and memories are built with food.

In a clinical context, its main areas of activity – weight management and food re-education, sports nutrition and child nutrition. At the same time, she is also a trainer in the field of Nutrition and Public Health.

During his academic career, he completed a degree at the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University of Porto, with accreditation by the Order of Nutritionists (cp 1687N) and specialization in Public Health - Protection and Health Promotion at the School of Public Health - Universidade Nova de Lisboa . At the same time, he was certified in Sports Nutrition. 

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Ana Isabel Monteiro - Horta da Maria

Raquel Neto is a Clinical Nutritionist graduated from FCNAUP, with a postgraduate degree in Sports Nutrition and in Marketing Management.

She loves cooking and has a particular passion for creating recipes and seating friends and family around a table. She believes that each one of us has to adapt the way of nourishing ourselves according to what makes us feel good and with attention to the stage of life we are in.

More than the perfect diet or food, we have to look at the moment, the lifestyle and the benefit that what we eat brings to the health of each one of us. More than super foods, or prohibited foods, Raquel believes in balance.

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RitaTeixeira_Nutricionista - Horta da Maria

Rita Teixeira has been a nutritionist from the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University of Porto since 2010.

She practices clinical nutrition, but in recent years she has developed several training activities at the community level, either in Healthy Cooking Courses or as part of Workshops and / or Showcooking or lectures.

The passion for cooking and nutrition, in early 2019, she created her professional page (@ritateixeira_nutricionista) where she shares daily several tips, recipes and news about food and nutrition, with an emphasis on vegetarian food.

At the moment, she is also a nutritionist at the Municipality of Odivelas. Last year she completed her Master's Degree in Metabolic Diseases and Food Behavior at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon.

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Tatiana Pinheiro - Nutricionista - Horta da Maria

Nutritionist Tatiana Pinheiro, is 30 years old and although her roots are further north, near Porto, she has been working in Lisbon for 6 years, in the area of hospital clinic (more precisely in hemodialysis).

After hours, she is a lover of healthy cooking: who loves to follow trends, try new ingredients, reinvent traditional ones and innovate, without fundamentalism, with a focus on health.

In her day-to-day she follows a "flexitarian" diet, where she gives priority to foods of plant origin. However, she does not deprive herself of any particular food, being above all in favor of the balance and happiness that good food helps to achieve.



We hope that this initiative can help to further improve the quality of our customers' food, as well as to creatively diversify the way we all eat.

Let's get to know the basket proposals that are already available in the section SignatureMix.