1. Select a product from our store
You can click on the image to enlarge




2. Once you have chosen the product, you will be shown a page identical to this one.

Then you can select the quantity (1) and to buy just click the green button (2)




3. Once you have done the previous steps, a side menu will appear.

This menu is your "Shopping Cart", if everything is to your liking, you can click on "Checkout" (1)




4. Then this page will appear.

Here you can edit your "Shopping Cart", you can change the quantity (1), view the product price (2)

or even delete, if you no longer want the product (3). If everything is as you want, just click on "Checkout" (4)




5. Now you will enter your personal data.

Once you have entered your data, you can proceed by clicking on the

small square "I accept the conditions..." (1) and then the green "Continue" button (2)

These data will only be used to identify orders.




6. Now enter your address

Once you have finished filling in your address, you can proceed by clicking the green "continue" button




7. Here you can select the Shipping Method

If you wish, you can also add an information note about your order.




8. Finally, you can select your Payment Method here

At Horta da Maria, we accept payments by Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, MBway or ATM

After entering your data, you can complete the order.